Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you call it Poko Designs?
A: I had my hair long before like Pocahontas so a few friends decided to call me Poko and being the creative native that I am I decided to use it for my designs.

Q: Where do you get your clothes from? Do you make them yourself?
A: I do buy clothes in stores like you do... however I do make a lot of my own clothing. Most of them are reconstructed from older clothing.

Q: How did you make that?
A: Creativeness, thread, needle and a lot of patience.

Q: Can you make me one?
A: I probably could. But as much time and effort it goes into these creations, I can't do it for free... Sorry. However, if you're willing to wait for your birthday I might just think about it :)

Q: Where did you learn to make that?
A: I learned a lot of sewing from Home Ec in high school and my mom always helped me whenever I needed it but a lot came from my own ideas of what I wanted and how it could be done.

Q: Is it hard to make?
A: Maybe. I've been sewing since I was a kid and the only thing I find hard is having patience when I mess up.

Q: Where do you find material?
A: Local craft stores, thrift shops, yard sales and from others. Click on the "links" to find some online stores.

If something here hasn't answered your question, feel free to leave me a message.